What Should You Look for in Medicare Supplement Plans?

Medicare Supplement Plans 2019 are very popular. There is an automated claims process in Medicare Supplement Insurance, as it is associated to Medicare B. These types of policies cover medical processes approved at a Medicare Provider by Medicare. When you have compared the Medigap premiums, you should check whether the insurance agency that you are buying from is financially stable. While purchasing Medicare Supplement Plans, you should look at the following things.


Medigap plans are available only to people having Medicare Part B (services of doctors) and Medicare Part A (hospital services at no cost). Every plan covers a single person, which means a husband and wife will need to buy separate Medicare Supplement policies. There are 12 standard plans, from A to L, and offer various benefits and health coverage levels. Although these policies are sold by various insurance agencies, these offer similar benefits. Keep in mind that not every Medicare policy will be found in your state.

Cut-off age

In case you wish to purchase this plan, it is better to do so in the 6-month open enrollment period starting on the 1st of the month when you become 65 years in age, and get enrolled in Part B of Medicare. Insurance agencies, during this time, are unable to give a medical undertaking for denying Medicare policy. However, in case you wish to purchase this policy following the 6 month enrollment period, you will not have any guarantee about getting the coverage. Even if you get coverage, you can find your rates going up significantly.


You need to make a monthly premium for Medicare Supplement Plans 2019 to the insurance agency, along with the Part B premium of your Medicare policy. The Issue-age-rated policy premiums depend on how old you were when you purchased the policy first. However, with advancing age, there is no automatic rise in the rates. The same premium is charged in community-rated policies to all who live in the region, irrespective of how old they are.

Products / services covered

You should keep in mind that eyeglasses, long term care, dental care, hearing aids etc are not covered by Medicare Supplement Plans 2019. When you enroll into the Plan D or Medicare Prescription Drug Plan, you can obtain prescription drug coverage. Before you get a policy, it is important to think hard and take a decision based on the type of plan that suits you the best.