Tips of Choosing the Right Medicare Advantage Plans

There can be many reason that you want to swap your Medicare Supplement Plans 2018 from one plan to another to take a new one. If you do not choose the right plan you will face problem in future. You have to take care of few things while choosing the right plans. Here are certain tips to help you out.

Follow the Doctors

Make sure that if you already have a primary care provider or any specialist whom you are using at present then that doctor is under the network of Doctors provided by the Medicare plan. The lists of Doctors changes frequently thus before you change your plan check out the present list of Doctors in their network. You can even ask your doctor if they have signed to be in the plan for the coming year too.

It is best to get answer to the following questions before joining any plan

  • Are your doctor on the network list?
  • In case your provider are not on the list will the health plan still cover the visits in case you choose them?
  • Do your Doctor recommends for joining this plan?
  • Do you need any referral from the Primary Care Provider for seeing any specialist?
  • In case of admission to hospital does your Doctor needs permission?

These answers will let you choose the right plans.

Check out the drugs

The formulary that is the list of approved drugs by the advantage plans are changing regularly. They keep on adding and removing the drugs and changing the deductibles and co-payment for these medications.

Thus, while looking for pan change make sure you visit the official Medicare site and enter the medications you take. You can enter 25 medicines. Do that and by entering your zip code you can know about the charges for these medications. Take decisions based on proper information.

Check out plan total cost

While you are looking for a plan in the website of Medicare make sure that you look for the plan total cost and not only the premium that you have to pay now. There are many plans with minimal premium amount but you have to bear maximum copayment. Thus, you will not be benefitted by taking such plans. You should look for estimated health and drug costs to know how much it will cost you to take the right decision.

Apart from this you can look for the star ratings that the federal government provides to each plan. That two will be good guide while you choose the right plan.