Medicare Advantage Plans: Is that appropriate for you?

The recent market has many tradeoffs that people would love to consider. However, here there is a question and that is do you prefer to browse in various stores or consider shopping in one-stop to browse different things or stores.  If you prefer the one-stop to browse, then you are the absolute Medicare Advantage Plans candidate. This is because the Medicare advantage is a substitute for the original Medicare.  It is issued by the private insurance companies. In fact, the Medicare Advantage plans are HMOs or PPOs, Health Maintenance Organizations or Preferred Provider Organizations. They offer a combination of medical insurance, hospital insurance and most often is inclusive of the prescription drug coverage, all in one package done neatly. Some Medicare Advantage plans include extras such as the dental, hearing and vision coverage.


  • The enrollments of Medicare Advantage plans are found to be relatively stable and it is healthier with enrollment that it has come to 16 million at the close time this year.
  • Observed is that Medicare one-third beneficiaries are enrolled nationally in the MA plans.
  • The Medicare Advantage plans are viable and the younger beneficiaries are familiar with the private health insurance and the networks.
  • The premiums are relatively less to the extent that the Medicare Advantage plans monthly cost on an average may show a small rise, but it is in the affordable ranges.

 Does that indicate switching to Medicare Advantage Plans is right?

 Maybe or maybe not, it is right to understand the details first.


  • Medicare Advantage Plans premiums are actually less expensive that the Original Medicare and the Medigap and Part D.
  • One thing is sure you can enjoy the insurance plan as one-stop, but there is a downside to be considered that the network of hospitals and doctors are restricted. This is something to consider as you do not have the liberty to choosing hospitals or even the specialists.
  • Definitely the Original Medicare allows you to visit any doctor ready to accept Medicare. While here with Medicare Advantage plans there are more benefits and less cost sharing, but there is a check on the network of providers.

With due diligence, it is expected that you must consider United Healthcare medicare supplement plans before deciding one. This is because the insurance companies are private companies and they vary in prices, so do comparison shopping and the insurance private companies also cut the networks owing to reduced funding from the government.