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General Health Tips

1. Wear some warm clothing. Lots of jumpers…One at a time, obviously…

https://schnellvielfettverlieren.tumblr.comEven if cold only indirectly leads to a cold, which it might, you should provide adequate clothing for yourself.

Schnell abnehmen mit Fett weg faktorEven cold feet can cause a reduction in the whole body temperature. This also reduces the blood flow through the nasal mucosa. For the way to work choose even  warmer shoes and slip on the spot if necessary in lighter shoes! Lots of sleep …

… ensures carefree days. As we dwell in the realm of dreams at night, our bodies accumulate new energies.

3. Targeted eating! balanced diet ensures an optimal supply of nutrients such as vitamins and minerals. Our body needs certain amounts of these substances to function properly.

If a clear deficiency occurs, he gets out of balance and can no longer fulfill his tasks perfectly. Even if the cooler temperatures are automatically adjusted to the needs of the family, it is easy to eat.

Instead of roast pork and dumplings prefer salad and fresh fish to the menu. The vitamins and trace elements contained therein activate the defense. In addition, the body has to deal less with things that “distract” it from the maintenance of an active immune system.

4. Drink, drink, drink!

Sufficient fluid is the motto to keep the mucous membranes moist.Doesn’t that sound great?

This is the reason why colds can not be so good. Ideal is daily two to three liters of tea, water or fruit scourge. Caution with alcohol: Like nicotine, it is one of the immunogens and weakens the body’s defense.

sehr schnell abnehmen5. Actively charge your batteries!

Movement is the key to schnell abnehmen erfahrung fett weg faktorkeeping your body moving. The immune system is strengthened with moderate but regularly operated sports.

wie kann ich schnell abnehmen6. Get your fill of fresh air!Sidtema venus pdf

Apartment, office etc. should be ventilated regularly, as dry heating air will dry out the mucous membranes. In addition, exercise stimulates the immune system in the fresh air. So take a walk in the lunch break and do not just stay in the stuffy cafeteria.

7. Reduce stress!wie kann ich schnell abnehmen

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Breathe. It’s important for the lungs.

Science tries to show connections between the central nervous system and the immune system. The still young science assumes that stress, bad mood, anger and other negative feelings can have a negasehr schnell abnehmentive impact on the defense. Yoga, and other sports also ensure balance of body and mind.fett weg faktor

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