Compare supplement Mutual of Omaha Medicare Plan G vs Plan N

Mutual of Omaha Medicare, especially the Plan G of the supplement insurance plans has become a popular option, though some are strong with Plan N as it saves them money.  Bear one thing that comparing plans should not be focused only on saving money or having lower premiums. Plan N is the winner if you wish only lower premiums. This is because the Plan G benefits of Mutual of Omaha Medicare may not be really generous.  Comparing plans for cost saving means you must take into consideration the overall health and how many times you need to see a doctor and also if there are major health issues.

Benefits of Plan G vs Plan N

There are 11 standardized Medicare supplement plans. However, Plan F and C after January 1, 2020, it will not be sold as per legislation taking effect. While the other plans are less comprehensive and so are also less popular. Thus compare Plans G and N of Medicare Supplement Plans 2018 of Mutual of Omaha Medicare.

Plan G vs. Plan N        


  • Part A Medicare coinsurance and the costs of hospital up to extra 365 days after the benefits of Medicare get exhausted is available with both plans.
  • Part B Medicare copay or coinsurance is also available with both plans, G and N.
  • Three pints of blood for the first time is also with both plans.
  • Part A Medicare hospice copay or insurance is available with both plans.
  • Part A Medicare deductible is with both plans.
  • Coinsurance of Skilled nursing facility is also available with both plans
  • Part B Medicare deductible is not with both plans
  • Part B Medicare excess charge is available with Plan G and Not Plan N.
  • The foreign travel emergency is up to 80% in both plans
  • The limit for out of pocket is none for both plans.

Medicare Plan N pays Part B Medicare coinsurance to 100%. There are two exceptions: one is that certain office visits may demand copay of up to $20; and the visits to emergency room that do not accept as inpatient admit may need up to $50 as copay.  Some costs also will be driven by this plan design. Thus, it is safe to compare plans and remember to do it from same company. If there is low premium for Plan N, it is because you are responsible for the costs out of the pocket. You may also be subjected for doctor copays and ER visits under Plan N as excess charges.