Brief Open Enrollment offered by Medicare Advantage Plans

The other alternative to enjoy Medicare benefits is to avail Medicare Advantage Plans. Such plans are said to replace part A & B benefits of Original Medicare with coverage being provided through private insurance provider. Majority of the plans do have extra coverage for being competitive. For instance, few are said to provide coverage for eyeglasses, dental services, prescription drugs and hearing aids, which is not done by Medicare. However, there is present one exception with Medicare coverage as it provides coverage for cataract.

Affordable premiums

This is one significant aspect of Medicare Advantage Plans. The plans in some areas may cost nothing beyond Part B Medicare premiums. The other star attraction is they accept all types of health problems but not ESRD (End Stage Renal Disease).

Things to know

Some things are to be taken into consideration prior to enrolling with Medicare Advantage Plans. Most plans are found to cover just non-emergency care, having own list of hospitals and doctors. As Medicare coverage is replaced by Advantage plans, the individual is not likely to get coverage through Medicare if out-of-network doctor is to be visited.

Every Advantage plan is said to have its own rules. However, all are expected to abide by Medicare guidelines. Medicare Advantage Plans in 2018 are to offer better coverage when compared to Medicare. It will be useful to check the doctor list and the prescription that the plan will pay.

Trial periods are rarely offered by health insurance. It will be necessary to get enrolled prior to December 15. In case, the person changes his mind, then he is eligible to get back to Medicare benefits between 1st January and 14th February, the following year.

Special ‘Try out’ period

It is considered to be the only time, when any of the Medicare Advantage Plans can be tried out on completing the initial sign-up period, on becoming eligible to apply for Medicare. It is regarded to be a once in a year event that helps the person to get access to the MA plan type out of the innumerous options offered by different insurance companies and insurers. If this chance is lost, then it is likely that the person will have to pay more, only to receive less coverage than bargained for.

Depending upon the area of residence, it is possible to come across varieties of MA plans when compared to Medigap insurance plans.

Switching your Existing Medicare Supplement Plans

Quite naturally it is not always compulsory that you will be satisfied with your existing Medicare supplement plans, and nor is it a compulsion that even you don’t like a plan you essentially need to stick to it. However, experts recommend you to stick to a particular plan, if you are satisfied, but if you are not, there are ways how you can switch your existing Medicare supplement plans.

Well coming to one’s decision about switching his/her Medigap policy, there can be numerous reason why you may seek for a change, which can include reasons like

  • You are seeking for more benefits compared to your current Medigap policy
  • You think you are paying needlessly for a set of benefits which you do not require
  • You don’t seem to feel satisfied with the services of your insurance company
  • You are looking for a budget friendly alternative to your existing supplement plan

Moreover besides these reasons, you may also need to change your Medigap plan under certain circumstances when you are eligible for guaranteed issue rights.

  • You can cancel and switch to new Medicare supplement plans if you find your insurer has committed a fraudulent activity.
  • You are losing the coverage benefits since your insurer company is running out of business or bankrupt
  • You can also cancel policy if you find the company has misled you onto it

Switching Policy

According to the Federal Law you don’t have the right to switch your Medicare supplement plans unless you are still within the Open enrollment period or if you are eligible for the guaranteed issue right. However, all these do not mean that you cannot change your policy absolutely. If you residing a State with somewhat lenient and generous rules, or even if your insurance company is seeking to sell you another Medigap policy. You can definitely opt for a change.  And you can find out about the plans by going to

Now if you do not fall under the two definite categories for a change that is if you are not eligible for any guaranteed issue right or if you are not under your open enrollment period, you may have to pay higher for your new Medigap policy, or you might need to answer to some medical questions from the insurer. If you do not have any preexisting medical conditions then changing can be easier or else switching can be difficult and an insurer can deny your application as well.